AR factory replica Rolex Daytona series of coffee-colored rose gold fake watches evaluation

The replica Rolex Daytona series has been in existence for 50 years since its inception in 1963. His name is derived from the American Daytona racing event. Rolex will assemble the Ditona replica watches to be selected as the designated timing instrument for the competition. This is also the origin of the name of the Daytona series. After 50 years of history, replica Rolex Daytona still has the classic design of the year, in line with the consistent style of fake Rolex, evolutionary iterations and not revolution. The authentic hot will inevitably lead to the commotion of the re-enactment. In the past, the best version of the market was the JF factory version. Due to the complex performance of the timing function, the stability of the movement is a very difficult problem, and now the AR factory appears in the market. The version of Daytona, after a long period of research and testing, using the replica of the genuine 4130 movement, its thickness is 1.5 mm thinner than the previous version, the thickness of the difference is no different. The only downside is that in order to improve the stability of the movement, the chronograph minute hand and the chronograph hour hand cannot accumulate time. But this small flaw does not affect people's enthusiastic pursuit of him. This time, the grazing grazing brings you the latest artifact of the AR factory - the disassemble evaluation of the Rolex Daytona coffee-colored face.

R new Ditong get gold upgrades are extremely obvious, the specific upgrade details are as follows:

1: The biggest highlight of this upgrade is the thickness. Compared with the previous version, the upgrade is at least 1.5 mm thinner than the old version. Don't underestimate this data. The texture on your hands is completely different.

2: The mirror surface is made of sapphire mirror, which has better transparency and clearer. Compared with the old version, the whitish reflection is invisible.

3: For the three lock design of the buckle, the small series has to carefully compare the genuine, the texture and the quality close to 98%, close the small crown has a clear crisp sound.

4: The polishing and lettering of the outer ring is more flat than before rolex replica. If you don't believe it, you can compare the genuine.

5: The movement patch is not fooling the table friends, the real meaning of the splint is to do and the original unlimited restore, if you don't believe it, you can see from the following evaluation chart, there is a gold enamel set, this is the Rolex original 4130 It is only available on the movement, and the color of the pigeon's blood is very textured.

There are 3 small dials on the dial of the Daytona. The 3 o'clock position is the chronograph minute hand, the 9 o'clock position is the chronograph hour hand, the 6 o'clock position is the regular second hand, which is also the walking time hand we often say, not familiar with the chronograph function fake watches. The friend will ask, what is the big second hand on the dial? The answer is the chronograph second hand. In order to pursue the stability of the movement, the AR factory canceled the minute and hour functions that can accumulate time, which means that the 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock small dial hands will always stop at 0. The movement of the AR replica watch can be said to be the same as the original one except that the two small dials on the left and right are changed to the decorative function. The big second hand can still move after the time is turned on. In summary, it is not a big fatal problem. Regarding the timing function problem, as long as you don't want to turn on the timing, it will not affect anything. Even if the timing function is turned on, the large second hand can move normally.

This replica watch is designed with a dense bottom, whether it is the bottom cover polishing or the edge gear treatment, it is in place. The replica of the Rolex Daytona series of coffee-colored rose gold watches in the AR factory is a replica of the 4130 movement, which is almost the same thickness as the original. At the beginning, it was mentioned that the movement patch is not a fool of the consumer, but it is trying to achieve an infinite reduction with the original, with a golden enamel set on it, and the gemstone color of the pigeon blood color is extremely strong. The AR factory fake rolex does do a good job in terms of details. From the details of the movement, we can clearly see whether it is the overall layout or polishing, whether it is drawing or lettering, it is extremely serious.