VR factory fake Rolex new ghost Wang Hai series 126600 replica watch

Fake Rolex as a fashion high-end replica watch brand, how can you lose him at the Basel Watch Fair in 2018? During this time period, it was also the time when many new watches appeared together, and replica Rolex, who had been in silence, also recently released his new product information. I believe everyone remembers that Rolex’s heavy punch last year, the new Panda Pandi Tongna, and let everyone remember, so this year, replica rolex launched the new Ghost King, the strength is absolutely strong, the Tang Dynasty replica watch to bring to everyone today is this Look for this highly anticipated component-level replica watch from the replica Rolex New Ghost King from the VR factory!

For the first time, replica Rolex has combined the single red character with the bubble mirror and blended into the modern sea series. From the appearance, this fake watches is full of infinite freshness and attractiveness, which makes many replica watch lovers feel excited.

This time, the new sea-made case is designed to be 43 mm, which is more refined and ornamental than the previous sea-made diving replica watch case. It is worth mentioning that the VR factory still has the same thickness when the diameter of the watch is reduced by 1 mm replica horloges, so that there is no change in the senses, and it is still domineering.

The black dial of the sea-made replica watch is equipped with extra-large hands and hour markers for professional watches. The classic red lettering "Sea-Dweller" on the dial draws on the first sea-made replica watches. The Chromalight display on the dial ensures that the wearer can read clearly in a dark environment.

Fake Rolex uses PVD coating technology to plate a platinum film on the scale. The black dial is equipped with a large Chromalinght luminous pointer and hour markers. After applying the luminous materials, it emits a long-lasting blue light in the dark, which is easy to read.

Summary: In the competitive environment of replica Rolex, VR as a rookie factory, the first debut of the green ghost, nigga, sea single red ghost king, must have done a lot of homework, only to do better to break through the market competition pressure. VR factory replica Rolex single red ghost king can be seen from the details of the dismantling machine, VR factory is indeed a great effort, the entire work is quite good, it is bound to take a position in the re-enactment table. If you like this replica Rolex Sea single red ghost king, the VR factory version is also a very good choice.