OM factory replica Omega legend Super Series fake watch comparison genuine

What brought to the fans today is the OM new legendary Super Series. This replica watch is one of the pinnacles of the replica watch industry. Its innovative members of the Supermaster series pay tribute to the legendary Supermaster. The appearance of the fake watch is based on the classic design elements of the first Super Chronograph in 1957, and is equipped with Omega's exclusive coaxial technology. Omega's history seems to have been inseparable from the Supermaster. It also benefited from the big step of humanity's march to the moon, completely liberating the brand of replica Omega. Fake Omega has also taken a big step. This may be the G point of the replica Omega brand.

OM factory replica version of a variety of color matching fonts, the table is 41.5mm, 316L stainless steel material, using genuine one to one open mold production, equipped with a replica of the original 9300 coaxial movement, om ingenuity:orologi replica

1: The function and appearance of this replica movement are the same as the original one, because the movement is limited to 3 o'clock and the second is not independent.

2: The case body is sanded with fine white, bright and oblique oblique edge polishing arc chamfer is consistent with the original;

3: The bezel scale sanding fine font size is consistent with the original version;

4: Ingenious dial with 18k white gold carefully built hour scale, built-in superLumed luminous coating exudes a strong night light in the night;

5:41.5mm imported 316L stainless steel case with imported 316L stainless steel strap distribution imported Italian leather strap.

6: The craft is ingenious and unique.

Next, we conducted a disassemble comparison of the OM factory, and looked at the extent to which the OM factory has restored the authenticity index. Overall shell contrast: the R angle, chamfer, curvature, and standing position of the overall shell are restored to the original one. The only shortcoming is that the outer ring scale color OM factory is not so black.

The crown is closely observed, and the size and shape are kept consistent with the original. Even the insignificant details of the length of the head are the same as the genuine one! This photo can also enjoy the authentic effect of the scale font and size of the circle.

Side contrast: the common problem of the replica table, the mirror highlights the problem kopior klockor, and under the powerful technology of the OM factory, it has also been well solved. Through the above photo, it can be clearly seen and the mirror height of the genuine mirror remains amazing. Consistent. In terms of thickness, since the OM uses the same 9300 coaxial movement, it maintains the same thickness.